Lu Yu Standard Rating Center (LSRC) is the basic research and open application platform for the standardization, industrialization, nationalization and internationalization of China's tea industry established by Luyu Research Group of Luyu International Group. The institutions include: (LUYU Tea Standards & Quality Rating Center), Lu Yu Tea Research Center, established in Hubei and Shanghai, LuYu Pu'er Collection (Guangzhou) Tea Collection Rating Center). Lu Yu Standard Rating Center LSRC is currently open to the country's 600 million tea consumers are known as tea consumers tea guide index (such as LSRC 5A9.5), the professional production of tea and collection of investors introduced Luyu KLCI (LUYU Pu'er 100 Index), the two major indices will be launched in Luyu Tea Exchange and overseas promotion, and gradually improve the series of Chinese tea industry index, to build investment, can be collected, can be consumed , Can experience the Chinese tea industry barometer system.